vendredi 12 août 2011

Cartoon : rumeurs et efficience des marchés

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Cartoon hilarant tiré d'une chronique de Paul Krugman dans le NYT et que nous a aimablement signalé le blogger Jean-Florent Rerolle

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  1. Anonyme a ajouté un nouveau commentaire sur votre message "Cartoon : rumeurs et efficience des marchés" :

    Very funny one. Thanks a lot for the refresh.

    One told me yesterday this cartoon is an old drawing as he used to see the picture everyday as first page of his economics book in preparatory courses for business schools.

    That s pretty true. Actually, according to NYT and author of this cartoon (through link via 1st release was in the Baltimore Sun in 1989.

    Btw, long life to that is keeping up posting still very interesting links while developing other professional challenges in a very tight macroeco environment!

  2. That is a fair representation of what a trading floor can be!
    And that is fine! long you are not the last one to buy or the last one to sell!