mardi 23 mars 2010

Les grandes tendances de l'Asset Management pour 2010 selon Mac kinsey

Le Blog Market Folly revisite dans le post en lien les grandes tendances de l'Industrie de l'Asset Management en 2010 (on trouvera le rapport concerné dans le post).
Huit grandes tendances étaient distinguées:

"1. The move from accumulation to income and risk management. "As the biggest demographic wave in our country's history transitions out of the workforce over the next two decades, the retirement opportunity will represent the single largest driver of growth and profitability for the financial services industry."

2. Shift to outcome orientation from relative performance

3. Separation of alpha and beta

4. Pension restructuring

5. Institutionalization of retail sales

6. Increasing role of marketing and client service

7. Convergence and evolution of alternatives
8. Changing sources of growth in retail and internationalRead more"
En lien le post de Market Folly:

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