lundi 17 mai 2010

Les 11 raisons qui font craindre une spirale déflationniste plutôt qu'inflationniste selon David Rosenberg

David Rosenberg énumère les 11 raisons suivantes:

■"Credit is contracting.
■Wage rates are stagnating.
■Money supply growth is vanishing
■The U.S. dollar is strong.
■Commodities have peaked.
■U.S. home prices are rolling over … again.
■Lumber prices tumbling (down nearly 17% from April 2010 highs)
■Wal-Mart is cutting prices on 10,000 items.
■Home Depot just cut prices on flowers, fertilizers, lawn equipment and outdoor furniture.
■Taco Bell is offering two dollar combo meals.
■The April U.S. retail sales report hinted at deflation in groceries, electronics, apparel and sporting goods."

Voir le post de Pragmatic Capitalist:

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