vendredi 14 janvier 2011

De nouveau sur la sur-performance boursière des midcaps

Cette semaine, le FT soulignait, comme nous l'avons deja fait, la surperformance boursière, au cours des années 2000,desmid-caps:

"Elroy Dimson and Paul Marsh of the London Business School point out that in the UK mid-cap shares have been the best investment of the past 11 years, rising 159 per cent, including dividends. They beat the RBS Hoare Govett smaller companies index, compiled by the pair, which itself beat house prices (which more than doubled). Given that UK inflation has amounted to 36 per cent from January 2000, anyone invested in the FTSE 100 – up 3 per cent including dividends – would be right to be disappointed."
"Wall Street followed the same pattern. The Russell 200 index of the largest US companies is down by a quarter. The Russell 2000, measuring the smallest companies, is up 58 per cent since January 2000. The real stars were again mid-caps, up 75 per cent."

La question qui se pose aujourd'hui est de savoir si "ces performances passées préjugent des performances à venir".

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