samedi 5 juin 2010

Investir dans les hedge funds aujourd'hui

Le blog Econompicdata présente les performances des différentes stratégies de hedge funds depuis le début de l'année ainsi qu'en mai et s'interroge sur ce que signifie investir dans des hedge funds aujourd'hui.

Sur le sens de l'investissement dans des hedge funds , voici la conclusion de l'auteur:
"The hedge fund world has gotten so large that there is no way that all (or even most) provide consistent pure 'absolute ' return or even exhibit low correlation to equities. As the hedge fund universe grows and becomes a larger part of the broader market, it becomes increasingly difficult to do.

Instead, the broader hedge fund community should admit what they are... managers of equity beta that have outperformed significantly over the years in part by being able to take a longer view on their investments than a daily liquidity fund, in part by not having to manage to an under-performing benchmark, and in part by being exceptional managers of the equity asset class."

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