dimanche 25 avril 2010

Les leçons de la crise financière en matière d'information selon Hervé Hannoun, Gouverneur adjoint de la BRI

C'est le propos d'un discours tenu par le vice-Gouverneur français de la BRI à une réunion des Ministres des Finances sur les problèmes d'information et la Crise. Voici les leçons tirées de la crise du subprime;

"1.Consolidation matters: We must enhance our ability to "see" consolidated balance sheets, both at the individual bank level and in aggregate, since it is across the whole balance sheet that stresses build up.
2.Liabilities matter: It was the collapse in funding markets which made the crisis global, and yet we cannot really see funding patterns in the available data.
3.Currency matters: Monitoring maturity mismatch at the systemic level requires information on the currency of positions, since cross-currency financing can embed rollover risk into the balance sheet.
4.Interconnectedness matters: The number and nature of an institution's bilateral relationships, and not only its size, are a key measure of its systemic importance.
5.Non-banks matter: Off-balance sheet SIVs, as well as pension funds, insurance companies and large corporates, should not be excluded from systemic monitoring exercises."

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